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Our founder, Mr. Vasant Thakkar (B.E. - Mech), after spending many years in the teaching field, as a professor in a technical college, realized the difficulties faced by the teaching community while teaching subjects.
So to overcome this, he decided to develop & publish educational charts and formed JAGRUTI ENTERPRISES (in 1987).


Initially he himself designed a wide range of Technical charts. They were highly appreciated all over the Technical Institutes of India. Later on, he focused to develop charts for school. He was assisted by his wife Dr. Neeta Thakkar.

Today, We are a group of professionals and masters in various subjects like Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Technology.





  • ‘JAGRUTI charts’, as the name suggests, brings awareness & clarity in teaching methods.


  • We have 28+ years experience in this field. Thus our charts have the most relevant information, proper presentation of data & impeccable diagrams.


  • Our founder Mr. Vasant D. Thakkar (B.E.) and his wife Dr. Mrs. Neeta V. Thakkar give personal attention to ( supervise) designing of each and every chart. Their expert advice make the JAGRUTI charts highly useful for students and teachers.


  • Our Charts are of the best quality at highly affordable prices!!


  • We value our customer’s time, and thus offer prompt delivery of the products.(T&C Apply)

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