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Urdu charts for web site


As a teacher or administrator, the ongoing struggle you face is optimizing the productive time in the

classroom and minimizing the time wasted on unproductive activities like,
-making drawings of the topic on the blackboard,
-making arrangements to project the topic using OHP,
-to distribute paper-based material on topic to be taught to the students and hence
-to organize a comprehensive sessions from a variety of resources...... your critical time gets wasted.

To overcome such difficulties in teaching, we realized to develop simple, effective and creative teaching aid

for classroom and science laboratories.


'JAGRUTI CHARTS' are the best teaching aids available in India. These educational charts are developed on

various subjects of engineering , Science - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and Geography.
The salient features of these charts are :  

  • Attractive

  • Multi coloured

  • Offset printed

  • Waterproof

  • Highly durable

  • Fine finishing

  • Smooth texture

  • Big text for distant clarity


  • Our brand, Jagruti Charts, is well known in all Engineering Colleges, India & abroad.

  • In Maharashtra state (India), Jagruti charts are designed as per the syllabus of the State Board, in a calendar form, for standards V to X. They are highly appreciated by all the school teachers and always awaited when the syllabus is revised.


For ICSE & CBSE Schools in India, We have developed General Charts on Science Subject.


Orders for custom made charts are also taken, as per the syllabus of any subject

and in any language of India. (T&C Apply)

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